"A machine is only as good as those who make it, so here at TAMU Robomasters we work more on building the skills of the team."

- Zimo, Team Founder

University Level Robotics Sponsored by DJI innovation

Robomasters is a robotics competition designed to pit university students against each other in the ultimate battle of engineering, strategy, and teamwork. The main event requires teams to develop and operate six robots that launch projectiles at the opponent to deduct Hit Points.

The Robomasters season includes Chinese and International Regionals, a Wild Card Competition, and the Final Tournament. Regionals advance top teams to the Final, while the Wild Card gives universities a chance to earn four remaining spots. 


Texas A&M Robomasters Robotics is a student-run robotics project team. We are students from a variety of engineering backgrounds who are passionate about the development of robotics.


Established in the Fall of 2018, our mission is to build robots for the annual international Robomasters Robotics Competition where we compete against universities from all over the world. Here, students develop skills and apply their technical knowledge in the development of our robots.